ANNOUNCEMENT: RIFEforLIFEPulsed Technologies

31, January, 2008

Jimmie Holman and Paul Dorneanu are pleased to announce the resolution of a protracted legal dispute, and the subsequent removal of all restrictions they and RIFEforLIFE have been under since mid-December 2006. All legal claims against Holman and Dorneanu that were made by a former business associate were dismissed.

RIFEforLIFE customers have NOT been forgotten. Pulsed Technologies understands the former equipment and is now able to offer upgrades based on newer and superior Pulsed Technologies research, development, designs and software, thus vastly extending previous equipment’s capabilities, range, and uses for consumers and researchers alike.

Over the coming weeks, Holman and Dorneanu will announce how RIFEforLIFE users can upgrade their units to incorporate the latest advances from Pulsed Technologies research. Former RIFEforLIFE customers will be given priority assistance for upgrades. (Most registered RIFEforLIFE equipment can be upgraded.) Special customization of units, including outboard accessories, will also be offered.

Jimmie Holman and Paul Dorneanu would like to thank the Rife and research community for the overwhelming expressions of support received over this last year. They wish to reaffirm their commitment to RIFEforLIFE customers, and the Rife research community in general, to do their best to provide fine technology, quality service and customer support while freely educating the public about cutting-edge research. As time permits, the websites affected will soon be restored for public use. This includes the popular website, along with other technical and informational sites.

For more information: An earlier interview with Holman and Dorneanu on the subject is freely downloadable at the and other websites.

Former RIFEforLIFE customers can receive future technical support and upgrades or purchase new products from Pulsed Technologies:

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